Vehicle Entry : 10 Days

This course provides comprehensive principles and techniques to effectively perform vehicle entries and installations while operating as part of a team or alone. Vehicle Entry Operations will provide the student with: a thorough knowledge of all automotive locking systems and their normal operation and bypass, complete reference directories with keying information, tools which will enable all aspects of lock decoding and key generation in a tactical environment, and the enrollment of "chip" keys into modern systems. Vehicle Entry Operations allows students to utilize their skills in the operational environment to further refine target information and exploit target vulnerabilities by using vehicle installation principles. Students can also accomplish vehicle acquisition techniques.


Topics to be covered in this class include:
  • Situational Awareness
  • Covert Entry Operations
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Surveillance and Surveillance Detection Refresher
  • Advanced Close Target Recce Principles
  • Tactical Communication
  • Vehicle Entry Principles
  • Locking Mechanism Identification
  • Vehicle Entry Equipment
  • Vehicle Entry Techniques
  • Mechanical Entry, Lock Decoding Techniques
  • High-security Auto Lock technology
  • Mechanical Key Manufacturing Techniques
  • Electrical Key Manufacturing Techniques Vehicle Alarm Defeat
  • System Monitoring
  • Tagging, Tracking, and Location (TTL) Principles
  • TTL Devices
  • TTL Software
  • Vehicle Concealment Device Fabrication
  • Vehicle Installation Techniques
  • Vehicle Egress Techniques
  • Duplicate Vehicle Acquisition



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Course Length: 10 Days

Most courses and their content are provided to selective government agencies whose personnel have a "need to know" and whose personnel practice the disciplines taught by the TOSS group in an operational environment.

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Course Benefits and Description:

This course is designed to train qualified military operators, intelligence operators, and law enforcement personnel in advanced techniques of Vehicle Entry Operations. This course has classroom and extensive street practical exercises to ensure that vehicle entry skills are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested. The class will be required to conduct vehicle entries, installation, and acquisition while simulating operational conditions. The course will culminate with a long-term Full Mission Profile that tests the class in all of the course skill-sets. All necessary tools will be provided by The Security and Surveillance Group and will become the property of the student.