Undercover Operations : 5 Days

This course provides comprehensive real world experiences, lectures and implements strategies for operators to perform in undercover capacities in non permissive environments.


Topics to be covered in this class include:

Major disciplines covered will include technical and non-technical methods that support undercover operations, logistical support and concerns, surveillance and detection strategies, and lesson learned from prominent undercover operators.



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Course Length: 5 Days

Most courses and their content are provided to selective government agencies whose personnel have a "need to know" and whose personnel practice the disciplines taught by the TOSS group in an operational environment.

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Course Benefits and Description:

This course is designed to train qualified military operators, intelligence operators, and law enforcement personnel in advanced techniques of Undercover Operations. This course has classroom and extensive street practical exercises to ensure that undercover operations are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested. The students will function as an undercover operator in different operational environments to ensure an understanding of the necessary procedures on implementing, operating, and maintaining an undercover capacity.