Surveillance Countermeasures : 10 Days

This course is designed to incorporate physical surveillance skills into countermeasures that will provide personal security (PERSEC) and operational security (OPSEC) in the operational area. Students will incorporate a daily routine of Surveillance Detection Countermeasures while under surveillance, throughout this course.


Topics to be covered in this class include:
  • Situational Awareness
  • Surveillance Principles
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Technical Surveillance Detection
  • Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR)
  • Surveillance Detection Countermeasures (SDC)
  • Counter Surveillance Route (CSR)
  • Anti-surveillance
  • Anti-technical Surveillance.



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Course Length: 10 Days

Most courses and their content are provided to selective government agencies whose personnel have a "need to know" and whose personnel practice the disciplines taught by the TOSS group in an operational environment.

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Course Benefits and Description:

This course is designed to train qualified military operators, intelligence operators, and law enforcement personnel in advanced techniques of Surveillance Countermeasures. Individuals will learn to operate while under surveillance and still protect the integrity of their mission and its assets. It includes classroom and extensive street practical exercises to ensure surveillance countermeasure skills are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested. Individual surveillance countermeasure skills will be assessed under operational conditions.