Open Source Analysis / Qualitative Interpretation : 5 Days

This course is designed to complement The Security and Surveillance Group’s physical, technical and entry courses. It can be embedded in any Security and Surveillance Group course, however; an additional 5 days of training will result if incorporated into existing courses. It can also stand alone as an individual course. Operators will learn to apply TOSS’ scientific method to analyze open-source qualitative information. In a tactical environment, information must be evaluated properly and in timely manner to be effective and to contribute to successful outcomes. The Security and Surveillance Group has developed this method specifically for tactical operators operating under intense conditions.


Topics to be covered in this class include:

Major disciplines covered are qualitative methods that include Ethnography and Grounded Theory and appropriate application in a tactical context. Data coding and processing will be examined in detail and students will be able to process information for predicative purposes.



Competative Sourcing

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Course Length: 5 Days

Most courses and their content are provided to selective government agencies whose personnel have a "need to know" and whose personnel practice the disciplines taught by the TOSS group in an operational environment.

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Course Benefits and Description:

This course is designed to train qualified military operators, intelligence operators, and law enforcement personnel in advanced techniques of evaluating data in a scientific and timely manner. Various methodologies and literature will be discussed and its application in a tactical environment. It includes classroom and street practical exercises to ensure that skills are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested.