Alarm Design and Manipulation : 5 Days

This course provides principles and techniques to familiarize the student with basic alarm system design, theory, and operation. Students are trained in techniques to identify the various components of both perimeter and volumetric coverage, the inherent technological vulnerabilities associated with each and the operationally proven techniques of compromising or exploiting system integrity. Techniques and operational strategies are presented from a team concept, ensuring that all aspects of an operation are appropriately distributed, utilizing techniques and protocol to maximize efficiency of personnel and time management to effect a successful surreptitious entry operation. Specific attention is given to the various methods of alarm signal egress and compromising options. A basic overview on access control systems and their integration into site alarm systems are reviewed, identifying exploitable installation miscues. All necessary tools including proprietary TOSS equipment will be provided by TOSS and will become the property of the student.


Topics to be covered in this class include:
  • Situational Awareness
  • Basic Surveillance and Surveillance Detection Techniques
  • Close Target Recce Principles
  • Digital Image Capture
  • Access Control Devices/Install Procedures
  • Perimeter and Volumetric Coverage Techniques
  • Perimeter and Volumetric Component Recognition
  • Basic Electricity and Electronics
  • Basic Telephony
  • Alarm System Design
  • Alarm System Installation
  • Alarm System Programming
  • Alarm System Signaling Protocols
  • Alarm System Troubleshooting
  • Alarm System Vulnerabilities
  • Alarm System Defeat/Bypass/Exploitation Techniques



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Course Length: 5 Days

Course Materials: Text Book • Hand Outs • Meter • Telephonic tools and equipment • Electronic tools

Most courses and their content are provided to selective government agencies whose personnel have a "need to know" and whose personnel practice the disciplines taught by the TOSS group in an operational environment.

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Course Benefits and Description:

This course is designed to introduce qualified military operators, intelligence operators and law enforcement personnel to alarm security systems. This course has classroom and street practical exercises to ensure that alarm manipulation skills are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested. The course will culminate with a surreptitious entry Full Mission Profile that tests the class in all of the course skill-sets.